Do you produce knowledge and need help with communication? We specialise in science and expert communication. We always tailor our services to the client’s goals and budget.

Please feel free to tell us about your needs by contacting us:

Karoliina Kinnunen Mohr
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Maria Ruuska
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Are you starting something new, or looking to update your goals? As your strategic communications partner, we will be responsible for designing communications, giving you time to focus on your main duties. Strategic communications is long-term and cost-effective communications. But above all, it is the key to ensuring impact. In practice:

  • We define the goals and metrics of communications.
  • We make a communications plan with you and allocate responsibilities.
  • We implement communications actions as necessary.
  • We monitor the achievement of goals and change the course as necessary.

See our references from strategic communications.

Do you want to strengthen dialogue with your stakeholders? To have an impact and be impacted? Our interaction and impact services help you figure out how best to participate in the discussion around your subject and activate stakeholder engagement. In practice:

  • We map and analyse topical themes, phenomena and stakeholders.
  • We design and facilitate impact creation, interaction and dialogues.
  • We develop interaction and communications by means of service design.
  • We produce and facilitate co-development events for different stakeholders.

See our references from stakeholder engagement and interaction.

Are you starting a new research or development project? We are happy to become a partner already in the funding application phase and will help you prepare your application’s communications and interaction section. If your project is already coming to an end, don’t worry, we also provide help in communicating the results. In practice:

  • We create a visual identity and core messages for the project.
  • We train the project’s specialists to communicate effectively.
  • We produce content for different communications channels.
  • We visualise both visions and results.
  • We help with media and stakeholder communications.
  • We organise and moderate events.

See our references from project communications.

Do you need a crisis communications plan or help with preparing for a difficult stakeholder or staff situation? Does your staff know how to communicate in different channels according to your crisis communications plan? Our experts, who have been in communication and management positions during many crises, can help you with both strategic and sentence-level choices, both before and during the crisis.

In practice:

  • We will use our crisis probe to identify lurking threats to the organisation/project
  • We will help create a crisis communications plan and link it to events in the world around us
  • By training, we will ensure that management and staff have the interaction skills required in crises
  • We will think about the difficult questions from stakeholders and media in advance and find out the answers to them
  • We will provide practical tips for interaction both in the media and social media

Do you have an important conference coming up and want to polish your presentation? Do your organisation’s experts need help in mastering Twitter? Communicating your work to various audiences is an important part of expert work, and communications skills can only be improved with practice. We offer inspiring and pragmatic training courses in Finnish and English for groups of all sizes. Our training course topics include:

  • Giving oral presentations and pitching
  • Social media and Wikipedia
  • Media coaching
  • Writing for a general audience
  • Visual communications
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Policy briefs
  • Scientific posters
  • Interaction skills and creating impact
  • Dialogues

See our references from training and coaching.

Sustainability is not only a necessity, but also a competitive advantage. Sustainability requirements are changing and growing. We provide our clients with research networks and the latest information on where the world is heading, as well as what ecological, social and economic sustainability mean now and in the future. Clients, employees, funders and other stakeholders will not know about the sustainability of your activities unless it is communicated in an interesting and timely manner.

We offer the following sustainability communications services:

  • Strategic consulting and sparring on sustainability
  • Sustainability programmes, strategy, roadmaps and reporting (with our partners)
  • Concept development, strategies and plans for sustainability communications and reporting
  • Sustainability communications campaigns
  • Anticipation of sustainability themes, scenarios and situation assessments
  • Organising a market dialogue for sustainable public procurements
  • Communications support for pioneering projects applying for RDI funding

Do you want to make sure your message is understood and captures people’s attention? Visualisations represent even complex totalities and connections between things effectively. We offer visual communications all the way from strategic concept design to implementation. We design:

  • Visual identities
  • Campaigns
  • Layouts
  • Data visualisations
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Digital and print publications
  • Image concepts
  • Photos
  • Videos

See our references from visual communications. You can watch videos made by Kaskas Media on Vimeo.

Are you in need of concise texts for a website, a social media campaign, policy recommendation document or book? We produce high-quality texts for all channels. Since text alone is seldom enough, we will gladly design visualisations and content distribution channels with you as well. From us you can order:

  • Content concepts
  • Articles and web texts
  • Printed and web publications
  • Social media campaigns and content
  • Policy briefs
  • Books
  • Editing services

See our references from text and concept design.