Sustainability for Lumene is not just something cosmetic

Cosmetics company Lumene turned 50 and wanted to make sustainability the theme of its anniversary. The company had already been engaged in sustainability for a long time, but now it was time for something new: there had been little outward communication about sustainability before.

MPs got emissions information straight into their postbox

Finland is on its way towards carbon neutrality. In order to achieve this ambitious goal, information is needed on whether or not emissions are being reduced at the desired rate. We condensed emission data into impactful text and images. This way, we could stimulate debate in both parliament and social media.

Making the circular economy a shared issue for the whole of Finland

The Finnish government set itself the goal of making Finland a pioneer in the circular economy. However, changing the economic system is such a big thing that it doesn’t happen through mere political decisions. We helped ministries ensure that interaction with stakeholders works and that the preparation gets the visibility it deserves.

Defending sex workers and raising the rainbow colours

Pro-tukipiste supports people working in the sex and erotic sectors, as well as victims of human trafficking, and defends their human rights. In honour of its 30th anniversary, the organisation wanted to revisit the cornerstones of all its communication.

Open dialogue increases trust and improves decisions

Good decisions require constant dialogue between different actors in society. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment set out to develop its cooperation with its stakeholders and put dialogue at the heart of all their activities.