University of Helsinki

Helsinki Challenge


Helsinki Challenge is a challenge competition in which multidisciplinary teams composed of researchers develop solutions to the greatest problems of our time. The solutions are related to things such as climate change, urbanisation and population growth. The competition’s purpose is to discover new kinds of solutions and partners. At the same time, Helsinki Challenge makes the role that science and scientists have in shaping the future of humanity more visible. In the centenary year of Finland’s independence, the competition developed by the University of Helsinki was collaboratively organised by Finnish universities.


We worked as Helsinki Challenge’s communication partner during 2014–2015 and continued our collaboration during 2016–2017. We supported the universities in designing and implementing a communication strategy, event production, the communication coaching of the teams and contacting the media. We also produced textual contents, videos, photographs and infographics for several channels. Helsinki Challenge and the participating teams’ researchers featured often in the Finnish media during both years. The competition’s communication reached a wide audience and the multichannel content made complex topics easier to understand.

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