The National Institute for Health and Welfare

THL IMPACT boot camp for impactful information visualisation


The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) produces massive amounts of important information. The challenge was how easily this information could be found. How should you present and bring forward information so that people will find it?


We chose the visualisation of information and user-centred design as a solution. We also involved THL’s experts in the process of producing visualisations. We organised a two-day boot camp, whose participants visualised information to make it impactful. About 20 THL experts from different fields participated in the boot camp. In addition, THL’s internal communication actively documented the entire boot camp onto THL’s intranet and social media.

The participants were divided into four groups, each of which developed a prototype of the data visualisation of one subject area over the two days. The groups were assisted by some of Finland’s best information visualisers: Juuso Koponen from Koponen+Hildén, Ville Saarinen from Lucify, Mari Huhtanen from Kilda and Kaskas Media’s AD Jenni Viitanen.

The teams were trained in pitching and they presented their prototypes to the entire THL at the boot camp’s culminating Open Doors event. A jury comprised of THL’s experts and the users of the knowledge produced by it chose the winner, who received 10,000 euros for executing their prototype. Other prototypes have also begun to be implemented after the boot camp.