The Ministry of the Environment

Participation and interaction development projects


How can you get new ideas and proven practices to be used in everyday life? We developed the Ministry of the Environment’s stakeholder cooperation in three of the ministry’s projects. We developed an interaction concept for a legislative reform, invited stakeholders to design a shared roadmap and mapped out the knowledge and views of various societal groups on a topic that was important to them. 


We tested the tools, working methods and processes created for the development of stakeholder cooperation by trying them out in practice in three very different Ministry of the Environment projects.

We designed a fast-paced Finnish Government “Reduce, recycle and replace” plastic roadmap interaction and participation concept concerning several societal actors. We organised interactive workshops and launched a web tool that allowed citizens to come up with solutions to the plastic problem as well.

We made an interaction and participation concept for the overall reform of the Land-use and Building Act that defined the goals, principles, working methods and responsibilities of stakeholder engagement. The interaction concept guides the preparation’s stakeholder cooperation and helps stakeholders identify the times and places of influencing.

We made a report on how nature recreation actors think the recreational use of nature should be promoted in Finland. Through interviews and two dialogue events, we mapped out what kind of a network of actors operates in Finland to promote the recreational use of nature and what kind of goals and wishes they have for the future of its recreational use.