The KAUTE Foundation

Strategic communication partnership


KAUTE – the Finnish Science Foundation for Technology and Economics – funds the research, studying and teaching of economics and technical sciences. The versatile foundation focuses on supporting research that provides tools to address and solve major global phenomena. KAUTE’s operations are driven by the belief that research will only be truly useful once the knowledge is disseminated and people hear about it. We have supported the foundation in its communication since 2016.


We are responsible for the planning and execution of the foundation’s communication together with the foundation’s agent. During our collaboration, we have, among other things, updated the look of the foundation’s website and concept developed the Avartajat article series for the website, which presents recent research initiatives of the foundation’s grant recipients. We also created a light visual identity for the series, which matches KAUTE’s own visual identity. We regularly produce content for the foundation’s website and social media channels. In addition, we have organised communication training for researchers funded by KAUTE, conducted media communication in projects supported by the foundation and written articles for the foundation’s annual report.  

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