Sustainability for Lumene is not just something cosmetic

Cosmetics company Lumene turned 50 and wanted to make sustainability the theme of its anniversary. The company had already been engaged in sustainability for a long time, but now it was time for something new: there had been little outward communication about sustainability before.

Client: Lumene

Date: 10/2019–12/2020

Why was the work done?

Lumene has already carried out many individual sustainable actions, especially in terms of the circular economy. For example, the company continuously utilises berry and food industry side streams in its production. It has made more efficient use of water, reduced the amount of mixed waste from production and switched to renewable energy.

With our help, the company wanted to think about how to communicate all this to the outside world, and to whom.

What did we do?

In order to create an overall picture and systematically collect information on sustainability, we found a reporting partner specialised in sustainability for Lumene.

Based on the information collected, competitor analysis and internal workshopping, the circular economy was chosen as the focal point of communication, as Lumene’s actions in this theme profiled the company the strongest. 

In accordance with the chosen strategy, the anniversary year’s communication was built around the circular economy. It was illustrated by creating Lumene’s own circular economy model: the company’s actions and thinking were compiled into an illustrative and comprehensible image.

How did it go?

The circular economy was the dominant theme at, for example, the opening event of the anniversary year. The theme was well received by the company’s stakeholders and gained visibility in the own channels of the cosmetics industry’s influencers.

Lumene was featured in the media when, for example, Helsingin Sanomat wrote about the company giving up the use of peat as a raw material for its products. The magazine also wrote an extensive report on Lumene, in which the circular economy and other sustainability issues were highlighted. 

We were happy with the collaboration. Kaskas has a good understanding of the theme and its diversity. Lumene has been operating in part in accordance with circular economy principles for several decades, and Kaskas was able to clarify the whole thinking to be in line with the Lumene brand. They also have their finger on the pulse of the theme and have good relations with the news and financial media. They were proactive during the changes brought about by the coronavirus, for example, and suggested various things. They were always busy thinking and working.

Tiina Frazer, chief marketing officer

Lumene is a good example of how the world is changing. I was the spokesperson for the Finnish delegation when the sustainable development goals were set in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. Back then, I wouldn’t have believed that I’d end up sitting in the boardroom of a traditional cosmetics company thinking about what these goals mean to it.

Pasi Nokelainen, senior communications specialist, Kaskas

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