Strategic Research Council research project SUDDEN

Research project communication


The environmental impact of pharmaceuticals is a growing global problem. Up to a quarter of the world’s rivers and lakes are at risk of being contaminated due to them. The SUDDEN research project is seeking solutions for reducing the environmental damage caused during the life cycle of pharmaceuticals and for improving the sustainability of the pharmaceutical industry. The project seeks close interaction with various actors in society. What kind of communication and visualisations will keep stakeholders interested throughout the five-year project?


We have acted as the project’s communication partner since its inception. Our collaboration began with defining the research project’s core messages and designing its visual identity. We refined messages for the different target audiences in close cooperation with the project’s researchers. The starting point for the visual identity was a credible, fresh and timeless look that would also appeal to an international audience. We produced a set of communication materials for the project, such as presentation templates, a brochure, infographics and photos, as well as materials for social media. We also concept developed and visualised the project’s website and produced the website’s content.

The SUDDEN research project is funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland. Demos Helsinki is responsible for SUDDEN’s societal engagement.

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