Strategic Research Council programmes

Vaikuta ja vaikutu! interaction training sessions


Strategic Research Council projects produce information for society’s use. Therefore, SRC programmes are expected to have a broad societal impact: influencing through research and interaction with various actors in society. What are the most interactive ways to do research? How can you communicate and interact so that the different roles and views of various actors in society are genuinely taken into account? 


Together with SRC programme leaders, we designed and organised the Vaikuta ja Vaikutu! (Influence and Be Impressed!) interaction training sessions where the people working on SRC projects from different programmes came together to train, discuss and plan their projects’ interaction and communication.  

There have been two interaction training sessions held in 2017 and 2018. The events have included thought-provoking keynote speeches, educational sessions and practical clinics. Participants in the sessions have, for example, written policy briefs, practiced their presentation skills, constructed core messages for their projects and identified important stakeholders.