Writing for a General Audience


For example, University of Helsinki PhD students, the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, National Institute for Health and Welfare, BCDC Energy, University of Oulu


Communicating about your own work, research results and reports is an increasingly central part of experts’ job descriptions. Blog posts that are understandable to a general audience are an effective way to disseminate the information produced and increase its impact. Clear and interesting texts help an expert organisation become known for its key strengths: its experts and their expertise.


The Skolar training course on writing for a general audience provides tools that make it easy to produce text for such things as blogs, newsletters, professional magazines or even Wikipedia. Course participants learn how to find an angle for their text, choose a structure that works for it and express themselves clearly.

During the course, each participant independently writes a text about their own work for a general audience. The texts are published on the website if the participants so wish. Participants receive personal feedback and concrete advice on their text, which concern not only content but also language. The personal feedback provided by a professional writer is the part of the training that course participants are usually the most thankful for afterwards.

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