Skolar Award

A science pitching competition for postdocs


Young researchers are brimming with enthusiasm and ideas, but funding for bold new research proposals is scarce.


What if young researchers were encouraged to bravely come up with research proposals? Kaskas Media’s very own Skolar Award is a much-needed type of funding for the novel proposals of researchers in the early stages of their careers. Funded by Finnish foundations, Skolar Award annually hands out 100,000 euros for a postdoc researcher’s novel research idea. 

The annual Skolar Award, organised together with Slush, consists of three parts:

1) The search for ideas culminates in Slush’s science pitching competition, in which researchers present their ideas. A jury composed of the top names in science evaluates the applications and chooses the winner.  

2) Before the pitching competition, the participants receive intensive science communication training in the presentation and justification of their ideas.

3) We introduce the work of the researchers in side events that bring together different stakeholders in a friendly atmosphere. A communication campaign related to the competition helps arouse the general public’s enthusiasm.

Skolar Award has garnered a solid support base of foundations. The event was the most popular programme on the pitching stage at last year’s Slush and gathered an audience of over 600,000 people on Twitter. Researchers across the board who have participated in the competition have praised the experience as groundbreaking and said that Skolar Award has put the wind in their projects’ sails.

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