Preventing social exclusion masterclass

A seminar series with Strategic Research Council's research projects


How to make scientific knowledge a part of decision making? How can I get busy decision makers to pay attention to my message in particular?

Social exclusion and the factors influencing it are themes that many of the research projects funded by the Strategic Research Council are looking into. The projects target the same target audiences with their results, so instead of having individual messages, the projects wanted to combine their strengths and address their target audiences together. At the same time, the aim was to emphasise that social exclusion applies to every stage of life and that different preventative measures work on it in each stage.


In collaboration with ten research projects, we organised a series of four seminars called the “Preventing social exclusion masterclass”. We created a visual identity for the series of seminars and were responsible for producing all of its communication and building and maintaining the website.

The seminars’ themes were built around life stages: preventing social exclusion in early childhood, education and youth, working life and retirement age. A total of 22 researchers from 15 different organisations were involved in the seminars. We provided training for speakers who expressed a wish for presentation training and provided all the speakers with uniform slideshow templates as well as clear instructions on how to construct a slideshow.

The seminars reached more than 2,000 people from various sectors of society through different channels. Participants in the seminars included MPs and municipal decision makers, officials, students, student counsellors, representatives of organisations and researchers. We produced short information packs for each seminar on the day’s topics, which we supplemented after each seminar. We collected all the material and speeches from the seminars on

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