Polkuja työhön research project / Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland

Project's communications and interaction


Occupational structures are undergoing rapid change. What kind of skills and know-how are needed now and in the future? This is being studied in the Polkuja työhön (Pathways to employment) project funded by the Academy of Finland’s Strategic Research Council. The project is coordinated by the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy and it is being carried out during 2016–2019. The aim is to ensure that those responsible for developing Finnish working life receive comprehensible and accurate information as well as concrete solutions to support their decision making.  


We act as the Polkuja työhön project’s interaction partner, meaning we help with increasing its social impact. We are working on the project’s core messages and design, and coordinate and implement its communication on various channels. In addition, we help the researchers with making communication materials such as posters and blog posts, and we also designed and implemented the project’s website.

Read more: polkujatyohon.fi