My Path research project / Strategic Research Council, Academy of Finland

Strategic communication partnership


How to prevent the social exclusion of young people? One good way, supported by research, is to get them to stay in school and pursue further education. The My Path research project aims at providing young people with better tools and support for choosing a further education. At the same time, the project provides researched information to support decision making concerning the prevention of social exclusion.


We have acted as the project’s communication partner since its inception in 2015. Our goal has been to draw attention to this important issue but at the same time ensure the researchers get time to do research. As the communication partner of the research project, together with the project’s communication manager we are responsible for the design and production of the project’s communication, and its outgoing information and content. Everything we communicate about the project is based on researched information. We are responsible for the project’s website and its contents, the newsletter, social media channels and producing the project’s information packs.

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