Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation

Strategic communication partnership


The Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation funds environmental research and the communication of scientific knowledge. It is important to the foundation that the solutions it funds are impactful and that the research findings get the attention they deserve. We have acted as the foundation’s communication partner since 2014 to ensure that these two goals are realised.


We are responsible for the design and implementation of the foundation’s communication together with the foundation’s research director. During our collaboration, we have, among other things, revamped the foundation’s website and created a concept for the Solutions blog, which gives a voice to grantees. Furthermore, we have multiplied the number of followers of the foundation’s social media channels through systematic work and active content production. We have produced videos, blog posts, events and social media updates for the foundation. We also regularly organise communication training sessions for the researchers supported by the foundation. The foundation has become more well known and the amount of grant applications it has received has increased during our collaboration.

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