Kone Foundation

Profiles of the Board of Trustees


Foundations often remain distant from us. The Kone Foundation is an active foundation that wants to let a diverse range of voices be heard in society. It is therefore important to also introduce the voices behind the foundation’s administration. The Kone Foundation looks for bold initiatives from its applicants, but what exactly does the foundation’s board of trustees mean by boldness?


We came up with questions for the Kone Foundation Board of Trustees and wrote simply structured, yet insightful profiles of all the members after conducting interviews with them.

We found out that being bold means daring to disagree and doing what is necessary, regardless of whether it is trendy or in vogue. Boldness is bearing responsibility and being committed – and also playing and loving.

The board of trustees’ profiles have been praised for bringing the foundation closer to people. They put a human face on the goals and decisions of the foundation, thereby strengthening people’s trust in it.

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