Commercialisation of research


A new material developed by a research team from Aalto University and the University of Helsinki will revolutionise the textile industry as well as textile recycling, but only if the solution is successfully spread.  


A separate commercialisation team was created within the research team in the summer of 2017. During the next years, this team will build a spinoff business based on the research project. We created a brand, visual identity and website for this spinoff. We also made a goal-oriented communication plan together with the commercialisers and researchers. Investors were chosen as the first target audience, so we produced a pitch presentation for them along with slides and coached the team in presenting it convincingly.

The spinoff derived from the research project has many advantages compared to an ordinary startup. In the case of Ioncell, the product is already ready before funding is sought. However, compared to an ordinary startup, this idea based on chemistry research requires vast amounts of funding. It is therefore essential for the researchers and commercialisers to cooperate smoothly and trust each other. Having a clear communication plan and roles help in committing to goals. The foundation has now been laid and Ioncell is moving forward promisingly.

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