Finnish Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities project: Society’s Commitment to Sustainable Development: assessment and development of the commitment tool (KekeArvi)

Communication partnership


How can Finland operate sustainably and secure good living standards for future generations? One answer is that cities, businesses, organisations or private persons can make a promise of sustainable development, i.e. an operational commitment. The signatory of the commitment defines how they will promote sustainable development in their activities. The commitment is a Finnish way of bringing sustainable development work to a new level. But how can it be made into a major tool?


We acted as the KekeArvi project’s communication partner. The project examined how society’s commitment to sustainable development and the operational commitment tool should be developed. We wrote blog posts about workshops and the progress of the research and produced infographics about survey results. We published the blog posts on the website’s blog. In addition, we helped with the project’s media communication and with refining the final report, as well as with the design and layout of the policy brief. The project’s policy brief was delivered to the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development and different ministries.

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