Digital Youth in the Media City research project

Youth in the Media City online publication


The Digital Youth in the Media City research project, which studies youth cultural phenomena using an interdisciplinary approach, wanted a digital publication format created that differs from a traditional report. The publication also differs from a traditional one in its content: it consists of five essay texts, photographs and a sound artwork. The publication was hoped to reach the wider educated public in addition to an academic audience. The appearance was to stand out in a boldly distinctive way.


We created a publication for the WordPress platform and designed a new type of format for the layout. In the design, we took into account the wishes for an appearance that arouses interest, good readability of the content and a clear reading experience that guides the reader. The typography is designed to be easy to read. The photos were given space in the middle of the text. We created a boldly abstract style for the illustrations.

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Photos: Patrik Rastenberger